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About This Site

I have 35 years' experience running my own welding company. This website is intended as an entry point for those interested in welding. The aim is to layout the basic welding terminology, methods and equipment. This should enable anyone to safety start welding for a home project which could even lead to a future career.

I have included links to suitable unaffiliated YouTube videos to aid in your upstanding and included serval links to Amazon, which will aid you in the purchase of any necessary equipment.

The guide is currently under construction and I have plans to update over time.

I can recommend the book linked below for those looking for more detail than is currently contained here.

However I do believe the best method for learning is practical.

A full kit of equipment for a basic (low cost) home Mild Steel MIG welding start-up is here;

A full kit of equipment for a TIG welding start-up, suitable for Mild Steel welding (DC only) is here;

Welding is just one component of the fabricating process, base materials need to be shaped before and after welding. The method used will depend on your set up and end goal. Methods can range from manually cutting tubing and sheet with an angle grinder, to laser cutting shapes from a DXF file.

Assuming you have general tools (such as files and drills), an angle grinder is adaptable enough to fabricate basic projects. I can recommend the angle grinder below as the version I use in a professional setting, however many cheaper variants are available for the DIY enthusiast. Please ensure you purchase good quality disks however, the results of a disk shattering while in use is unpleasant.